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Sunrise group was established at 1993, the headquarter and core enterprise Guangdong Sunrise House ware Co. Ltd are located in Jinsha town, Nanhai district, Foshan city, the center of pearl river delta, occupied about 10 thousand square meters. There are 6 branch offices, cover international trade, hardware cookware, micro-die-cast, car retarders etc; During about 20 years development, Sunrise become a high grade non - stick cookware design and development of professional manufacturers and the leader of high-grade baking tray. Sunrise enjoy a high reputation on European and American markets and enjoy a higher status in this industry.


Guangdong Sunrise House Ware Co. Ltd formulated the standard for non-stick pan manufacturing enterprises in 1994, formulate the non-stick union standard in 2008, participated the national non-stick standard making in 2014. As Guangdong province surface treatment research and development support office, Sunrise has its own technology center and engineering R &D center, beside, Sunrise has sincerely cooperate with many universities and research institutes, more than 100 patents have been granted in recent years.



Sunrise is the first one to establish the ISO quantity manages system in this line, the second one to has cooperation with Japanese industrial and promote the Toyota’s production pattern. At present, the introduction of intermediary institutions,  joint-stock reform, Sunrise is a key listed reserve enterprises in Nanhai district.




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Introduced the first non-stick production line and established China's first iron non-stick cookware enterprise.



Yangchen Group is:
Guangdong High-tech Enterprise
Guangdong private technology enterprises
Guangdong Provincial Technology Center
Guangdong Surface Treatment Engineering R&D Center
China Hardware Products Association Cooking Cookware Branch Vice Chairman Unit
Established non-stick cooker standard in 1994
In 2008, the non-stick pan standard was established.
In 2014, participated in the formulation of national standards for non-stick cookware.
Teflon's only designated and authorized user.
US Whitford Coatings grants users.
Sunrise established the ISO quality management system as the earliest in the same industry.

The second in the country cooperated with the Japanese middle class to promote the Toyota production model.
At present, intermediaries have been introduced to carry out shareholding system reform, which is a key listed reserve enterprise in Nanhai District.

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